Water Treatment Chemicals

Kishan Exports is a pioneer in the field of hi tech manufacturing, supplying and exporting Water Treatment Chemicals in India. We offer a comprehensive range of chemicals requiring diverse industrial applications. Few of them include Activated Carbon, Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals & Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals, and Effluent Treatment Chemicals (ETP). We believe in improvement and strong customer satisfaction.

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activated carbon
Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon has high carbon content and High Quailty carbon that promotes hardness with best reliability.Boiler and Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
Exporters of water treatment chemicals at the best prices in India with good client base.Effluent Treatment Chemicals
Effluent Treatment Chemicals (ETP)
Supplier, exporter and trader of ETP at the best price and client happy heart in India.