Soya Grits

We manufacture and distribute two kinds of Soya Grits viz. Roasted and Enzyme Active in India. Both of them are offered in the purest quality and top notch condition with all the nutrients held intact.

Roasted Soy Grits are manufactured with cleaned and dry whole soybeans. They are roasted, dehulled and milled into grits as per your specification. Moreover, the oil quotient is left in the soybean so that you get the most nutrients out of it.

Enzyme Active Soy Grits on the other hand are produced naturally as a result of which lecithin and other naturally occurring elements are found in the flour. Dirt, splits, and other foreign material are removed from the soybeans which are then cleaned and cracked only to aspirate off the hulls.

Specifications and Microbial Analysis of Soya Grits

Soy GritsEnzyme ActiveRoasted
Protein38 – 40%38-40%
Fat23% (+/- 1%)23% (+/- 1%)
Total Dietary Fiber11 – 13%11-13%
Moisture9% (+/- 1%)8% (+/- 1%)
Protein Dispersibility Index85 – 9020-30
Total Plate Count100,000/gm max<50,000/gm
Yeast and Molds<100/gm<10/gm
SalmonellaNegative in 100gmNegative in 20gm

Application of Soy Grits

• Enzyme Active Soy Grits can be used as base ingredient for processing soyfoods, tempeh and mushroom supplement base ingredient, soy sauce. Roasted Soy Grits are used in the production of muffins, breakfast bar, bread, nutritional cereal, and granola.
• Enzyme Active Soy Grits can be used to replace whole soybeans in processed products. Roasted Soy Grits substitutes 3 – 5% of flour in baked goods.

Benefits of Soy Grits

• Enzyme Active Soy Grits reduces the amount of okara or waste products and are an excellent source of protein for mushroom supplement.
• Roasted Soy Grits with its good nutritional profile acts as a good emulsifier in baked goods. It has a kind of roasted, nutty flavor.

Third Party Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection Service is the 3rd Party Inspection available with us. SGS or equivalent at seller cost at port of loading.