Silico Manganese

We are manufacturers and exporters of high quality silico manganese in India. This alloy is a product of natural silicon and manganese. We harvest both the elements using traditional manufacturing process and combine them in precise ratio to form a liquid chemical compound. When the iron ore and carbon start melting in the furnace, silicon manganese is added to the molten mixture. A chemical reaction takes place and we get a strong, rust-resistant steel alloy as the output. It is finally separated naturally.

Properties of Silicon Manganese

We alter the ratio of silicon to manganese as per our client’s requirements. However our standard silicon manganese steel alloys contain 14 to 16 percent silicon and 68 percent manganese. We deal in  high carbon powder content too. This alloy enhances the natural properties of steel and gives it an aesthetic look. It is used in the production of standard steel products. We further maximize its deoxidization properties to enhance steel durability.

Silicon manganese provides high level of resistance against rust in moisture-prone areas. They are also corrosion resistant and may be used around certain types of chemicals or in coastal areas depending on your needs.  They are available at competitive prices in the Indian market. We also export them in wholesale amount as per the needs and specification of our buyers. 

Composition of Ferro Silicon Manganese:

Mn %Si %C %P %S%
60-65%14% – 17% Max2.5% Max0.25 % Max0.03% Max

Third Party Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection Service is the 3rd Party Inspection available with us. SGS or equivalent at seller cost at port of loading.