Silica/Quartz Powder

Silicon or Quartz is one of the most popular mineral on the face of earth. It is also one of the most important of various rocks. Silica powder is known to be occurring in different kinds of colors, forms and habits. It is found is all mineral environments. We are one of the most well known manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of high quality and best silicon dioxide powder in India. We promise to supply finest mineral in powdered format at best prices. Buyers from different parts of the country purchase high quality product from us.

Few Facts and Information of Natural Quartz Powder

Here are some important specifications and information concerning the natural silicon or quartz mineral which impart amazing properties to it.

  • It is the most prevalent mineral on the face of the planet which comes in different specifications.
  • It is the most varied minerals which comes in different colors and forms.

Composition and Specification of Silica Powder

Chemical CompositionGrade – AGrade – B
Silica SiO299.598.8
Alumina Al2O30.40.6
Iron Fe2O30.030.04
Calcium Oxide CaOTracesTraces
Magnesium Oxide MgOTracesTraces
Potassium Oxide K2OTracesTraces
Sodium Oxide Na2OTracesTraces
Loss on Ignition0.10.1
Residue on 300 Mesh11

Uses of Silica Powder

Below are mentioned some of the most common uses and applications of different supplements of silica dioxide powder which are on sale:

  • It is used as an important ingredient in cleansers and detergents as it is considered a good cleanser for clothes and washing dishes.
  • It is also used in toothpastes because of its abrasive action.
  • Silica face powder is one of the most common cosmetic which is very effective in absorbing skin oils which reduce fine lines on faces thereby hiding all the wrinkles. This makes it an important part of the makeup kit of every woman.

Dangers of Silica Powder

Crystalline silica powder is considered unhealthy for skin. Silica microspheres are known to be very skin friendly. But whenever you are using them in your make up, you must make sure that it doesn’t cause any irritation on your skin. You need to be aware of the dangers before using it in your makeup.

These are some of the specifications and information of the uses and properties along with the negatives attached with this amazing mineral which is an important part of our everyday life. Order it from Krishna Exports, the quality promising exporters, manufacturers and suppliers for quality silicon dioxide powder.

Third Party Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection Service is the 3rd Party Inspection available with us. SGS or equivalent at seller cost at port of loading.