Mica/Mica Flakes Powder

Chemical composition of Mica mineral powder consists of Potassium Aluminium Silicate. The formulation of its composition includes different kinds of minerals which include potassium, aluminium, calcium and silicates. Mica mineral is one of the most important ingredients in paints, welding rods, lubricants, glass and ceramics. We are one of the most famous manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of high quality mica mineral powder in India in wholesale. We promise to supply finest mica flakes at best prices. Buyers from different parts of the country purchase high quality mica powder polymer clay and mica flakes from us.

Few Facts and Information of Mica Flakes

Here are some important specifications and information concerning with mica powder polymer clay and flakes which impart amazing properties to it.

  • It is a water resistant mineral.
  • It comes with high degree insulation
  • It is aberration resistant
  • It is weather resistant
  • It comes in a wide range of colors

Composition and Specification of Mica Mineral

GradeBrightnessMeshOil Absorption
Micro Mica78%40045
Mica 20077%20040
Wet Ground Mica80%32545

Uses of Mica Mineral Powder

Below are mentioned some of the most common uses and applications of mica powder. It is because of its wonderful composition that it has so many uses:

  • It is used widely in paints and is very effective in brightening the tone of colored pigments.
  • It is used as thermal insulation and electrical insulator in electronic equipment. This is considered to be  one of the best choices from safety point of view.
  • It comes with a shiny appearance which makes it a popular ingredient in cosmetics, makeup powders, lipsticks, toothpastes and soaps.

These are some of the specifications and information of the uses and properties of mica. Order it from Krishna Exports, the quality promising exporters, manufacturers and suppliers for fine products.

Third Party Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection Service is the 3rd Party Inspection available with us. SGS or equivalent at seller cost at port of loading.