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Ferro Alloys

Ferro Alloys are alloys of iron mixed with higher proportion of elements such as manganese, aluminum, or silicon. We are the industry’s highest producer of ferro alloys in India. They are mostly used in the iron and steel industry. We export high quality ferro alloy to countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, USA etc. at the best prices in the market. Few of our most demanded ferro alloys include Ferro Silicon, Ferro Chrome and Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silicon Magnesium etc.

Manufacturing Process of Ferro Alloy

Our high purity ferro alloy is manufactured using two methods. The first production process goes through carbothermic reactions where oxides are reduced with carbon (as coke) in the presence of iron. In the other process, ferroalloys are produced by adding the elements into molten iron.
They are manufactured in accordance with the set industry standards and the end product hence received is always on high on purity quotient. We have happy and satisfied clients spread worldwide owing to our wide range of high quality ferro alloys.

Specification of Ferro Alloy

Few of our Ferro Alloy composition include:

Ferro Manganese (Specification)

  • Mn: 60-80%, P: 0.15% max, Si: 1.5% max, S: 0.05% max, C (high carbon): up to 8% max, C (low carbon): up to 0.03% max

Ferro Silicon (Specification)

  • Si: 70-80%, C: As low as 0.03% max, P: 0.03% max, Al: As low as 0.05% max

Ferro Chrome (Specification)

  • Cr: 60-70%, P: 0.03% max, Si: 2% as well as 4% max, S: 0.05% max C (high carbon): up to 8% max, C (low carbon): up to 0.03% max
Uses of Ferro Alloy

• Ferro Silicon is used in the prevention of loss of carbon from molten steel.
• Ferro Manganese is used in the production of other ferroalloys.
• Ferro Silicon is used in the production of high-temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant ferrous silicon steel.
• Ferro Manganese is used in the steel industry as deoxidizer for steel.
• Ferro Silicon is in electro motors and transformer cores.
• Ferro alloys are used as filling material during the production of metallic coatings.

Ferro Alloy Price

We make our best quality ferro alloy available at the most competitive prices in the market. They are molded according to the specifications of our clients in accordance to the set industry standards.