Dolomite Mineral Powder

We are a prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Dolomite Mineral Powder. Dolomite Mineral Powder or in common terms known as limestone powder is a composition of CaCO3 and MgCO3. The mineral is a double carbonate of calcium and magnesium with a granular structure. Properties includes natural whiteness, ease of dispersion, weather ability, reduces shrinkage, fissure development and water absorption. Dolomite mineral also contains impurities such as silica, alumina and iron oxide. We also make sure that the percentage of combined impurities does not go beyond 7% as per standard industrial usage during manufacture.

Variation of Dolomite Mineral Powder

The variation in Dolomite Mineral Powder is mainly observed in accordance to the lime and magnesia percentages found in the powder.

Calcitic dolomite: When the percentage of CaCO3 increases by 10% or more compared to the theoretical composition, the mineral is termed as calcitic dolomite, high-calcium dolomite or lime-dolomite.
Dolomitic limestone: When the percentage of MgCO3 decreases in comparison to the theoretical composition, the mineral is termed as dolomitic limestone.
Magnesian limestone: When the percentage of MgCO3 ranges between5 to 10%, the mineral is termed as magnesian limestone.

Specifications and Composition of Ferro Chrome:

MgCO32-4% (max)
Mix Oxides7.5% only
SiO20.03%, 0.05% (max)
LOI0.04%, 0.05% (max)

Properties of Dolomite Mineral Powder:

Dolomite Mineral Powder is less reactive and is a better acid resistant. It has the ability to increase the flow rate because of its higher bulk density and sp. Gravity. We assure our customers delivery within stipulated time frame and in customized quantities.

Our clients mainly include big shots from the rubber industry, paint, ceramic and power coating industry, detergent and flooring applications industry. It is used in the application of rigid PVC pipes, acts as an additive for Thermoplastic, power coating, paints and ceramic industry, leather cloth and flooring applications, detergent’

Specifications of Dolomite Mineral Powder:

Mesh200 to 1250
Partial Size150 to 3 Microns
Brightness90 TO 98%
WhitenessUp to 98%
Specific Gravity2.85
Oil Absorption20
ColorSuper Snow White

Third Party Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection Service is the 3rd Party Inspection available with us. SGS or equivalent at seller cost at port of loading.