Monohydrate Dextrose

We are the leading producers and suppliers of Monohydrate Dextrose (C6H12O6, H2O) in India. This white crystalline powder generally referred to as Dextrose by the food industry in odorless and tastes sweet. It is soluble in water at room temperature and in boiling alcohol.

One of the specialties about Monohydrate Dextrose is that it’s perceived sweetness can be increased to the level of sucrose and surfaces the freezing point for smoother and creamier texture of the frozen food products.

Specifications and Chemical composition of Monohydrate Dextrose

Physical DescriptionWhite crystalline powder odorless and sweet in taste.
Moisture at 105° C7.5 to 9.5%
Sulphated Ash0.1% Max
Acidity for 5gms (Max)0.125 ml of 0.1 N NaOH
SO2 ppm (Max)70
Specific rotation10% w/v at 25° C + 52.5° to 53°
Arsenic ppm (Max)1.0
Copper ppm (Max)2.0
Lead ppm (Max)0.5
Heavy metals ppm (Max)5
Chlorides and sulphatePassed the test
Dextrins and less soluble sugarsPassed the test
Bulk density0.65 to 0.70

Application of Monohydrate Dextrose

• It is used in bakery products to supply fermentable carbohydrate and to assist in the browning of the crust. It also leaves a soft aroma.
• It is used in fondants and cream fillings for give a smooth texture.
• It has high fermenting ability and is hence used in beverages to increase calories.
• It is used as artificial sweetener and as preservative as well.
• It is used in adhesives to help prevent wrapping of pieces upon drying.

Third Party Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection Service is the 3rd Party Inspection available with us. SGS or equivalent at seller cost at port of loading.