Defatted Soya Flour Toasted

Our Toasted Defatted Soya Flour is high in protein and low in fat products that acts as an excellent source of iron, calcium B-vitamins manufactured in India. This fully fat proof nutritive functional protein maintains the balance of essential amino acid in the body that helps in the development of muscle, connective tissue and enzymes. An excellent compliment to lysine limited cereal protein is also a replacement to non fat milk.

Manufacture of Toasted Defatted Soya Flour

Our Toasted Defatted Soya Flour goes through various processes before being packed for distribution. Few of the processes include cleaning, cracking, soy cotyledon, full fat flakes, solvent extraction, solvent removal, defatted flakes and grinding. The end product is yellow colored fine powder with abundant nutritional values.

Specifications and Microbial Analysis of Toasted Defatted Soya Flour

Protein (N X 6.25)50-52%
Moisture06-08% (Max)
Fat1.20% (Max)
Crude Fiber3.50-4.00% (Max)
Sand & Silica0.30% (Max)
P.D.I.20–35 %
Total Plate Count / g50,000
Coliforms / g10 (Max)
E. Coli. /gNIL
Yeast & Moulds /g100 (Max)
Salmonella / 25 gNIL

Application of Toasted Defatted Soya Flour

• It is used in the manufacture of processed food stuffs, baked goods and cookies.
• It is used in the fortification of cereals, snack, dietetic and baby foods.
• It also acts as emulsification, thickening, dispersibility and water binding agent.
• It is used in the medical health world to reduce the risk of cancer, improve bone health and lower the cholesterol level in the body.
• It is rich in high quality protein and other essential elements such as fatty acids, magnesium, fiber, folic acid, iron, calcium, lecithin, thiamin, riboflavin and protein.
• It is also used to prepare Soya Milk, Soy-Yogurt and Soy-Paneer.

Third Party Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection Service is the 3rd Party Inspection available with us. SGS or equivalent at seller cost at port of loading.