Mica Powder: A Highly Resistant Mineral

Mica mineral powder comes in different kinds of forms which can be obtained by grinding/breaking mica scrap. This is quite a slow, costly and complicated process as the scrap is really very tough and comes in a plate like structure. At Krishna Exports, while processing it we make sure that there is no loss in its natural brilliance, color and properties by taking proactive precautions. We are one of the most well known manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of high quality mica powder in India. We promise to supply finest mineral in powdered format at best prices. Buyers from different parts of the country purchase high quality product from us.

Few Facts and Information of Mica Powder

Here are some important specifications and information concerning the mineral which impart amazing properties to it.

  • It is one of the highly resistance mineral against chemicals, ultra violet light and heat. This makes it very useful.
  • Perfect for use in paint industry as it comes with great resistance.
  • It is an anti-crack agent.

Chemical Composition and Specification of Mica Powder

SiO2 54.48 Moisture at 0.35%
Al2O3 28.50 PH of 10% solu 9.95
Fe2O3 01.60 Specific gravity 2.80
CaO 00.53 Bulk densities 0.56 gm/ml
MgO 01.72 Oil absorption 54.93ml/100gm
K2O 06.80 Whiteness (pammis) 75%
H2O 00.60 Whiteness (others) 64.71
Refractive index 1.571.59
Loss on ignition 3.98%

Uses of Mica Powder

Below are mentioned some of the most common uses and applications of mica powder:

  • It is used in cement industry
  • It is also used in making glass products.
  • It is also used in making different kinds of sanitary ware.
  • It is also used in cosmetics and makeup powders. It is used widely in making soaps, lipsticks etc.
  • It is also used in making paints because of its high resistance.

These are some of the specifications and information of the uses and properties of this wonderful industrial mineral. Order it from Krishna Exports, the quality promising exporters, manufacturers and suppliers for fine products.

We are a well renowned name in manufacturing and exporting of world class Mica Powder. The terms like exclusive and unparalleled appear out to be most appropriate if one starts looking for the words to describe the quality of mica powder provided by us. So become a privileged shopper and join us for the best deal possible.

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