Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese

Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese

We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese in custom compositions as per requirement of our clients. We have been always appreciated for our reliability, optimum quality, accurate chemical composition and other specifications.

This mineral is mostly used in Steel Industry, blast furnaces and carbo-thermal reduction processes. We provide bulk quantity at the most competitive prices in the market. We provide high quality products tested on international levels.

Specification of Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese :

Component Medium Carbon 65/70 Medium Carbon 70/75 Medium Carbon 75/80
Manganese 65% Min 70% Min 75% Min
Silicon 3-4% Max 3-4% Max 3-4% Max
Carbon 2% Max 2% Max 2% Max
Phos. 0.3% Max 0.25% Max 0.25% Max
Sulphur 0.035% Max 0.03% Max 0.035% Max

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