Legal law attached to Natural Guar Gum Manufacturers India

Legal law attached to Natural Guar gum Manufacturers India

One of the most important and indispensible ingredient required for the proper functioning of food and petrochemical industries is natural edible gums. One such example is the Guar gum made from guar seeds (cyamopsis tetragonoloba) with high low-shear viscosity.  After the contamination issue that came into light in 2007, a few regulatory actions were seen imposed by other government over Indian Guar Seed production. According to the new law, guar gum supplier needed to stand up to a certain level of standard while trading between two countries.


The comprehensive food safety management system provides ISO 22000:2005 certification after thoroughly analyzing various factors. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • If the contamination controlling measures are being followed during the manufacturing process and ensure control of hazardous items to be found in the food material.
  • Operational plan verification and validation results without any comment on the contamination present.
  • If there are adequate monitoring and measuring devices in the manufacturing hub.
  • If the industrial location is in accordance to the type of edible item being prepared.
  • If the location is hygiene with provision of active housekeeping management.

Again as per the revised ISO 9001:2008 certification, there was a further appeal to ensure the quality, purity and reliability of the product manufactured.

Another certificate implemented in the U.S. and is the HACCP which stand short for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. HACCP takes care of food safety under international standards meant for food preparation for Astronauts. It involves monitoring of control points in manufacturing and identification of hazards materials present in the food items that might prove fatal during space expedition.

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