Know About Different Uses of Red Oxide

Red oxide powder

Red oxide powder is used by many industries. It is an inorganic compound which is available in India in great abundance at different regions. It is one of the most important mineral that is used in steel plant. This article talks about some of the very popular uses of Red Oxide along with its properties which are highly supportive in making it so beneficial for different industries. Let us have a look at these different applications.

  1. Paint Industry

It is one of the most popular mineral in the paint industry. It is the single largest pigment which is an important part of every paint, coating, powder and primer. It adds beautiful color to the paint and makes it look gorgeous. It is also used in dyes.

  1. Iron Industry

Another very important use of red oxide is as the feedstock in the manufacturing process of iron and steel industries and various other alloys. Without this mineral, production of such important minerals is just not possible.

  1. Polishing

The very fine powder of iron oxide is popularly known as rouge. It is used in putting the final coat of polish on all kinds of metallic jewels and lenses. It is used since ages by jewelers for giving a superior finish to the jewels. This is another very important use of iron oxide which makes it so popular in the industry.

  1. Tiles and Ceramics Industry

Natural red oxide is the first and the foremost preference of natural pigment in tiles and ceramics. It is widely used in ceramics pottery, floor tiles and flooring products. It is also used in giving a red color to the cement.

  1. Plastic and Rubber Industry

Natural red oxide is also used in plastic and rubber industry for adding beautiful color to plastics and rubbers. Sometimes synthetic red oxide powder is also used for the same purpose.

These are various uses and applications of red oxide. It is very much in use in different industries because of its color and resistance.


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