Importance of Acidic Ramming Mass

We are the industry’s leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of international quality Acidic Ramming Mass in India. These high quality Acidic Ramming Mass is exported to countries like Pakistan, Canada, US Kuwait etc. at the best prices in the market.  We are high on purity level and our Silica Ramming Mass is available in two forms: high-alumina Ramming Mix which happens to be acidic in nature and spalling resistant to repeated heat stress; and Zircon Ramming Mix which is corrosion resistant to molten iron and becomes volume stable at high temperature. We offer our customers just the right quantity with the right specifications at the best industrial prices. High purity Acidic Ramming Mass is generally used for patching in steel furnaces and lining of induction furnaces.

Specification of Acidic Ramming Mass

Best quality Silica Ramming Mass is available as per the following specifications:

SiO2 98 to 99.9 %
Fe2O3 00.085%
LOl 00.425%
Na2O 00.120%
K2O 00.270%

Physical properties of Acidic Ramming Mass

Our high quality Acidic Ramming Mass comes with the following physical properties:

  • It is corrosion resistant and has high level of thermal stability
  • It contains less binders and is wear resistance
  • It offers maximum output and has a long life cycle
  • High in quality with abrasion resistant features
  • It has strong anti-infiltration capacity, high anti-pressure and anti-breaking strength
  • The product has high refractoriness with great importance.
  • It has better metallurgical control with optimum output.

Application of Acidic Ramming Mass

Our top quality Silica Ramming Mass is used in the following applications:

  • It is used in lining the iron that helps in melting coreless induction furnace
  • It is used in lining the trough of blast furnaces with single trough
  • Ramming insulation is used for rapid drying
  • It is used in the steel, chemical and copper refineries
  • It used in the lining of induction furnaces to prevent from anti coating
  • It is corrosion and erosion resistant to magnetite & basic ramming mass

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