Guar Gum Printing Thickener and the Textile Industry

Guar gum Printing Thickeners

Guar Gum Powder is used in the manufacturing of printing thickeners. It is found to be quite ideal because the thickener is made of guar powder, or carboxy methyl tamarind. The mixture is sticky for easy application on the textile surface without any visible signs of bleeding or bulging. Printing thickeners are by and large used in the textile industry mainly for painting purposes. They are used in direct painting on wool, nylon and silk and also as dye on cotton fabric, acrylic blanket printing, burn out printing, carpet printing, and vat discharge. It acts as a color enhancer, the reason being, it blends well with disperse dyes in polyester and similar fabric printing.

Specifications of Guar gum Printing Thickeners

Hydrocolloids are normally used by printers as designer guide to stop bleeding boarders. It is used in the manufacture of highly concentrated thickener. A by-product of guar beans, they are milled and threshed out during the production process.

Guar gum is used in printing to stop premature chemical reactions in the process that may ruin the look. This printing thickener has high galactose content and hence functions as a good stabilizer. The high viscosity level compared to xantham gum is able to absorb water and create a sticky paste.

No textile can achieve perfect color without printing thickeners. The macro molecules present have the ability to absorb water. Hence most companies produce various derivatives like gum, carboxymethyl guar gum and tamarind kernel powder for better marketing in fields as diverse as cosmetic products and chemical solutions.

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