Ferro Silicon Price with Best Competitiveness

Ferro silicon Price Best Competitiveness

Ferro Silicon is the end product of iron and silicon. We are the leading suppliers of this high quality deoxidizer especially used in steel making. This best ferro alloy uses coke and quartz (or silica) as raw materials during the production process in the electric furnace. Silica or sand is reduced with coke in presence of scrap iron, mill scale etc. to produce our high quality ferro silicon at best prices.

The silicon content improve the strength, hardness and flexibility of steel and diffuse deoxidation in the steel making process. Almost 75% of our high purity ferro silicon is used in this process. It has the ability to improve the permeability of steel and at the same time has the capability to lower hysteresis loss of transformer steel. It also helps in the processing of spheroidal graphite cast iron making.

Our high quality FeSi is ISO approved and certified ‘qualified & reliable manufacturer’ by CIQ. However, its melting point and density is dependable on the silicon content.

Uses of Ferro Silicon

  • FeSi prevents carbon loss from molten steel. It has the ability to deoxidize steel and other ferrous alloys and acts as an active reducing agent.
  • Our ferro silicon is corrosion-resistant. It is used in the inoculation of iron to accelerate graphitization. It is also used in the manufacture of silicon steel for electro motors and transformer cores.
  • It actively helps in the manufacture of pre alloys such as magnesium ferrosilicon that can be used in the modification of melted malleable iron.
  • It is low in Aluminum and Titanium. High quality Ferro Silicon is used to make magnesium through Pidgeon process from dolomite.

Why choose us

  • Our conventional packing ton is 1000kg per bag and is also available in small bag of 20, 25, 50 kg in the best competitive prices in the market and is on factory hot sale.
  • We believe in quality and hence our packaging is made of barrel moisture proof bags.
  • However, the packaging can be customized as per client’s specification.
  • A FeSi manufacturer, we give quality assurance and our products may be issued by regular invoices as proof of purchase.

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