Amazing Industrial Applications of Barite Mineral

Barytes is also known as Barium Sulfate, Barites or Barite. It is one of the most amazing mineral which comes with amazing range of industrial applications because of its wonderful chemical properties. It is chemically inert and comes with high density and low oil absorption property. This article unfolds some of these amazing industrial applications of barites which make so popular with different industries.

Let us have a quick look at some of the uses of barytes mineral which have been outlined below:

Plastic Industry

Barites mineral is widely used in plastic industry. It is used as the filling of plastic ABC to create beautiful colorful plastics. It is also very effective in improving the stiffness, intensity and abrasive strength to it thereby making it stronger in strength and beautiful in appearance.

Paper-Making Industry

This mineral is also used in the papermaking industry. Because of its clean whiteness, the high-refined barites powder is also used for filling white paperboards and coat paper with it. This improves improve the whiteness of the product and also increases the percentage of coverage thereby giving it a clean white look.
Painting Industry

Barytes is a wonderful replacement to expensive materials used in dope and painting. It is an amazing replacement to basofor, crypton, titanium dioxide, activity and monox which are used for filling. It is very effective in controlling the viscosity of the paint. It is also very effective in increasing the stability of the paint and adding more brightness to the paint. It has a clean whiteness which makes it very effective as an extender for primers. It is highly effective in providing chemical resistance to the walls and smoothness to the undercoats thereby promising beautiful and smooth walls.

It is also used as heavy inert filler. It is insoluble in water, has high refractive index, has high resistance to acids and alkalies and high bulk density which makes it all the more useful in the paint industry.

Rubber Industry

If you are looking for saving costs in the rubber industry then you can always use the barites mineral of less than 500 mesh for filling the rubber products. This is very effective in making the product water proof. It also improves the intensity of the product and makes it acid proof and alkali proof. This increases the life of the product thereby making it more durable.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Barytes is also used in pharmaceutical industry. It is used as barium meal material for the intestines and stomach reflections. Another important usage of barites in pharmaceutical industry includes the usage for filling of plaster and dope in order to extend the time limit of the plaster. It is also used in diagnostic medical tests. Barites are also very effective in blocking x-rays and gamma-rays emission.

Cosmetics Industry

Barytes is very popular in the cosmetics industry because of its gentle and mild effect on the skin. It is a wonderful substitute to titanium dioxide. It is widely used in the cosmetics.

These are different industrial applications of barytes mineral. Surely it is widely used in different industries for different reasons, with each one of them mentioned above.

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