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Activated Carbon

We manufacture and store some of the most reliable activated carbon with high carbon content for the Indian market. They are skillfully prepared by grinding the raw material and then adding certain binder to promote hardness. They are finally re-compacted and crushed to fit into the correct size as per client specification.  It is available in two varieties with us: Powdered and Granular.

Our products are environmental friendly and it enhances air purification and also deal with the separation and treatment in chemical and related industries.

Specifications and Chemical composition of Powdered Activated Carbon (Unwashed Grades)
Parameters Specifications
Moisture Content 10 %
MBValue 230-310 mg/g
Ash Conten 10 %
Water Solubles 3.5 %
Acid Solubles 6.0 %
Iron 1000 ppm
300 Mesh 70 %
pH Value Self adjustable
Specifications and Chemical composition of Granular Activated Carbon (Unwashed Grades)
Parameters Specifications
Iodine Value 350-1100 mg/g
Apparent Density 480-620 kg/m3
CTC Adsorption 51-60 %
Hardness 85-95 %
Ash Content 4-5 %
pH Value 18-10
Sieve Size Self adjustable
Application of Activated Carbon

• Powdered Activated Carbon is used in the removal of impurities, color and unwanted smell in chemical industries.
• It is mostly used in drugs, fine chemicals, glucose, sugar, electroplating plasticizers etc.
• Granular activated carbon is used in water treatment, removal of mercury from effluents or alkali cells, solvent and gold recovery, as catalyst carrier, for decholorination and purification of water, dry cleaning, as catalyst carrier and so on.

Benefits of Activated Carbon

• It has longer shelf life.
• It has closer melting and boiling points.
• It has truer and bolder crystalsn.

Third Party Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection Service is the 3rd Party Inspection available with us. SGS or equivalent at seller cost at port of loading.