About Us

Kishan Exports is a reliable and one of the top manufacturers of minerals in the industry. We use best quality materials and latest technology to meet the requirements of our clients. We guarantee 100% purity without any loop holes in the production process. Our products are prepared keeping in mind the growing market needs. Our team of highly professional experts ensures quality in the alloys and minerals produced to keep our customers happy and loyal. Our products are prepared in different sizes and forms. It actually depends upon your call. Professionals working with us comprise of quality controllers, manufacturing experts, warehouse personnel and other skilled and semi-skilled staff. We are a trusted brand with a family of quality controllers, manufacturing experts, warehouse personnel and other skilled and semi-skilled staff only to carve out the best.

Products offered:

Products are manufactured keeping in mind our target customer who basically happens to be Welding Electrode manufacturing Industries, Steel Manufacturing Industries and top notch Foundries. Our business practice is simple and transparent. We have an effective marketing network with solid infrastructure and laboratories to come up with excellence by the end of the day.

We mainly work for the manufacture of the following products in the purest form:

• Ferro Manganese
• Silico Manganese
• Dolomite mineral powder
• Ferro Chrome
• Ferro Silicon
• Unrefined Rapeseed Oil
• Acidic Ramming Mass
• China Clay Powder

Experts’ team:

We believe in quality and standards. Hence an extraordinary team of experts is mandatory.  We, at Kishan Exports believe in sharing and working. We have divided ourselves in different sections for better quality and understanding of the field. We are different groups of Metal Alloy Experts, Quality Check Professionals, Research & Development Professionals, Technicians, Marketing Managers, Procuring agent, Technicians, Quality auditors, Warehouse and packaging experts.

The procuring agents conduct survey and find out trusted and reputed vendors in the market from where we can procure our products. The experienced quality auditor on the other hand stringently monitors our wide range of refractory products to deliver zero defect products. Again our sales and marketing personnel assists us in collecting information on our prospective clients and help in effective catering.

We completely agree to the fact that we are still learners and strive to keep our database updated on various innovations and technologies.  Our plus is – Clients have never been disappointed with us.