Impressive Uses and Applications of Feldspar Mineral

Feldspar is known to be one of the minerals which are available in large quantities in the crust of earth. It constitutes about 60% of terrestrial rocks. It is widely used in many everyday products because it encompasses a vibrant range of materials. It is one of the largest used mineral in the industrial application because of its alkali and alumina content.

This article talks about some of these uses and application of feldspar mineral which make it so popular with the industries.

Glass Industry

When it comes to manufacturing of glass, feldspar is one of the most important ingredients. While manufacturing glass, it is used as the fluxing agent. It is highly effective in reducing the melting temperature of quartz thereby helping in keeping a control over the viscosity of glass. This reduces the production cost of the product as there is a temperature control.

Ceramics Industry

Another widespread use of feldspar is in the ceramics industry. After clay, this is the widest used mineral in this industry. Because of its amazing property of not having a strict melting point, it becomes the perfect choice of ingredient. It is very supportive in helping quartz and clay which in turn promise easy and appropriate mixing. It acts as a fluxing agent as it is gifted with alkalies and alumina and forms a glassy phase. It adds strength, durability and toughness to the ceramic body. Hence, it is very important for imparting the look and strength to all the ceramic items, be it crockery or anything else.


Feldspar is also used as fillers in various industrial applications. It is used in paints, plastics and rubbers as a fillers and extender. The properties which make it strong filler include high chemical inertness, high resistance to abrasion, good ability to disperse, table pH levels, high resistance to frosting, wonderful refractive index etc. All these properties are very supportive in making it an amazing filler.

Enamel Frits

Feldspar is an important ingredient to various enamel compositions. It promises to rule out the defects and bring beautiful neatness to the final product. It is responsible for imparting the beautiful shine and neatness to ceramic tile glaze, electrical porcelain, enamel frits, sanitaryware, ceramic glazes and tableware etc. It is also used creating beautiful floors with gorgeous shine.

These are the different applications and uses of feldspar which make it so popular. It is one of the largest use mineral the use of which is very much evident in our life.

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