Guar Gum and the Law in India

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Gaur Gum is a form of polysaccharide used in various food preparation processes. It enhances the thickness of food preparation or medicine it comes in contact with. It is naturally available and compared to other thickening agent it is quiet cost effective too.

Indian market analysis

The Guar Gum market in India had been quite a hit until the strict regulation imposed by Forwards Markets Commission in 2012. It had to do with the price rises on international standards. The decrease in production and increase in demand of guar gums in the international markets was the main reason behind the inflation. The government also imposed restrictions over new gum trading and increased the price of the same. This directly affected the guar market and led to price reduction of the respective plant seeds and also the final product.

International market analysis

Owing to the international market, a regulatory issue was imposed on the Indian guar gum market by the European Commission. They asked for certification of zero presence of dioxin contamination. After investigation they found that guar gums with relatively more amount of dioxin pentachlorophenol were sent in packages to Europe. Hence, subsequently in 2010, sampling of guar gum was demanded under the regulation act to analyze the level of contamination and play safe in the future.

Because of the heavy contamination, it is getting tough to find high quality guar gum powder. Though several companies have come up with promises of providing the purest, not all can be trusted. There always consider companies that offer sampled product with proper certification of purity.

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